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Stelvins get the green light
14 June 2001
(from the Press Release)

Earlier this year a small group of New Zealand wineries began investigating alternative closures in a bid to improve the quality and consistency of their wines. After considerable research, Lawson's Dry Hills, Forrest Estate, Foxes Island and Jackson Estate have decided to bottle at least part of their 2001 wine production with screwcap closures.

Many other winemakers have pledged their support for the initiative. This number of committed wineries now includes Kim Crawford, Kumeu River, Trinity Hill, Wither Hills, Matua Valley, Framingham and Seresin Estate. A large number of others from throughout the country are expected to join a national group that will monitor and promote the new closure.

The screwcap closure has been marketed for many years under brand names such as Stelvin or Supervin. Trials that now extend over 30 years confirm that the srewcap closure will increase the quality, consistency and longevity of wine.

The screwcap closure was successfully adopted and promoted by 15 Riesling producers in Australia's Clare Valley last year and has been used widely in Switzerland for many years.

Spokesman for the New Zealand group, Ross Lawson, said "The wine world is on the brink of a closure revolution".

Lawson explained that although there is no question that screwcap closures will improve the quality, longevity and consistency of wine, there is likely to be some resistance to change amongst wine consumers. "The benefits of screwcap closures are obvious and we expect the new closure to be adopted rapidly. However we do need to educate and explain the importance of using screwcaps in much the same way that it was probably once necessary to justify the introduction of bottles instead of clay amphorae."

For more details, please contact:

Ross Lawson
Lawson's Dry Hills
Phone +64 3 578 7674
Fax +64 3 578 7603

Rose Prendeville
Project Coordinator
Phone/Fax +64 3 575 7070
Mobile 021 502 311

Check out the Screwcap Wine Seal Resource page - here on

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